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nicole is nicole ceramics

Designed & made by hand in South Australia

Slowly turning earth into your new favourite coffee cup..

Taking soft ivory coloured Australian clay, I spend weeks forming, drying, glazing and firing each piece myself to create the perfect pottery to use in your home.

Hold it in your hands, feel the lines left by my fingertips and enjoy.

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Stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women.

Nicole is Nicole Ceramics will donate $1 from every sale of ceramics and $2 from every sale of courses & workshops to White Ribbon Australia.

Together we have raised $84 for White Ribbon Australia so far for 2021

Thank you for helping me help the women & children of Australia. If you would like to view my donation portal or add a personal contribution to my donation total please visit using this link Visit my donation portal.

Total last updated 1.5.2021 and will be updated monthly when donations are processed.

(Nicole Deichmann is authorised to fundraise for White Ribbon Australia to December 31, 2021.)

Meet the person behind the pots and pottery wheel.

Artist & Teacher

Learn how to look after your hand made ceramics.

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Clay is just a gorgeous mud, what matters is what we do with it and how we use it to connect with ourselves, our community and our nature - Nicole Deichmann

nicole is nicole ceramics