Pottery Class Info

You heard it here first, pottery is the new yoga! It’s always been on your bucket list, its meditative, earthy, creative and social and better yet, it’s available on the Fleurieu Peninsula!

Pottery popularity has been increasing like mad for the last decade. People have been buying more handmade items and now people have realised they can make their own items. There is nothing more satisfying than sipping from your own handmade mug!

In a life where we are using technology constantly, have you ever wanted to just switch it off for a while and connect with the earth? Here at Nicole is Nicole Ceramics studio, you can. And you can bring your friends!
Located in Aldinga Beach in a newly renovated ceramics studio, we offer a range of pottery classes to start you on a pottery journey which will see you develop your skills and fill your home with beautiful and useful items.

Classes are run throughout the year where my studio schedule allows. Check out the Book Class page for available workshops and classes.

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